SPACE can provide a tailored solution for your company or organisation.  

Why should ORGANISATIONS care about Phone Life Balance?

(1) Because phone addition is an epidemic. In the UK, 60% of people admit to being 'hooked', 1/4 of people have felt ignored in favour of a device, 1/8 feel anxious if theirs is not close by. Your employees are affected.

(2) A 'distraction economy' takes away from the arts of conversation, concentration and creativity - skills
that are crucial if employees are looking for purpose, fulfilment and work satisfaction.

(3) Phones and apps are designed to be addictive. Scrolling leads to variable reward and triggers a
dopamine response in the brain similar to gambling. You wouldn't encourage gambling at work.


Understanding phone life balance can improve the happiness of your people as well as increasing company productivity.   Be on the cutting edge of supporting employee wellness by incorporating SPACE into your mindfulness training.  Contact us here for more information about our bespoke product feature, analytics and pricing.