why phone/life balance?

If we have purpose in our use of technology, we can connect, create and learn. But for a lot of us, using a device is not a conscious choice, it’s a habit. It causes us to lose out on meaningful engagement with the ‘real world’ and the people in it. We also miss the creativity that come in idle moments, when our mind is free to wander.

The answer isn’t to avoid using technology altogether. That’s not realistic and isn’t even necessary. Instead we can focus on being in control of when we use our devices. Of course, breaking out of any negative habits is challenging - in fact it takes time. So people need a helping hand to achieve a change in their digital behaviour.

That’s why SPACE exists. We help people discover their digital balance.


what type of phone user are you?

We believe that habits form partly as a response to an emotional need.  Our phone habits are no different.  You might reach for your phone sometimes to feel excited, to feel loved, to feel needed, supported or included.  Once we identify what emotions are driving us to pick up our phone it becomes easier to be aware of those feelings, to stay in check with our behaviour and to shift our habits.  

That's why we created the four categories of phone user, so that you can start to identify your main forces of habit and evolve them accordingly.  Download the app to take the quiz and find out more about each personality type below.  


Rabbit Hole Wanderers open up their phones for a specific and important reason, but then disappear down a rabbit-hole, distracted by less important and urgent tasks. Before they know it, 20 minutes have passed. And afterwards they might not even remember what it was that distracted them in the first place. They feel disappointed that they've caught themselves wasting time again.


Boredom Battlers end up on their phones during moments of downtime, or when they’re avoiding the task at hand. Phones are a procrastinator's best friend, and a great way to feel busy without tackling what you really should be doing. Boredom Battlers are using their phones for frequent, short breaks to distract themselves at work, or whenever they're alone (like sitting on the train or bus in the morning). The thing is, they're just as bored scrolling through the news, entertainment and latest games as they were before they picked up their phone.


Social Sticky Mitts open up their phones far too often, even when with friends and family. They’re getting online to top-up their social media feeds, maintain their Snapstreak, or post today's lunch on Instagram. They're really looking for the ‘hit’ of a positive social interaction. The habit of constantly topping up their social feed with photos, check-ins and updates has built up over time, and started to snowball. Despite the appearance of constant social connection, they can feel out-of-control, disconnected, and in fear of missing out.


Busy Bees are always checking their phones for the latest email or bit of information. They’re on their phones first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Busy Bees feel like work is life. How can they possibly disconnect when there are unanswered emails sitting there on their phone waiting? Weekends, holidays, and family time all come second to staying connected to the office.