Defining Digital Wellbeing

Ask most people what ‘Digital Wellbeing’ means and they will either have no idea, or they will presume that it relates to how digital can improve overall wellbeing (think Fitness or Meditation Apps).  ‘Screen Time’ is more commonly understood.

In a recent blog, Digital Wellbeing in 2019, I predicted that the term ‘Digital Wellbeing’, fuelled largely by Google’s PR efforts, would become more widely recognised in 2019, but that it would struggle to find a common definition or understanding.  

Because of this, after extensive research with other thought-leaders in the industry (credit: Digital Mindfulness, The Digital Wellness Collective, Digital Nutrition, Common Sense Media and Centre for Humane Tech’s Ledger),  I have created the following infographic to summarise what I believe Digital Wellbeing to be today. Please feel free to share widely if it is of use (cc. Georgie Powell, SPACE).

defining digital wellbeing (4).png

This was also the subject of the latest Digital Mindfulness Podcast, when I discuss the issues of defining Digital Wellbeing with Lawrence Ampofo and Gabi from HAPPI.  Listen here.  

This topic will be the bedrock of the first Digital Wellbeing Festival to be held in London 3rd - 4th May. Renowned speakers and companies from around the world, including Google’s Rose La Prairie, James Williams (Time Well Spent, Oxford Digital Ethics Lab), Raian Ali, Cal Newport (Author of Digital Minimalism and Deep Work), Light Phone’s Kai Tang, Common Sense Media’s Amina Fazlullah and many much more, will join together to set an agenda for the future of Digital Wellbeing.  Find out more here.