The 'Real' Like Button

What if there was a new ‘like’ button on social media, where you got to feedback how a post you saw really made you feel?  It would be anonymous, confidential, and the person who posted the content would never see it, but it would be a chance to share your true feelings with yourself and the platform.  How does what you see really make you feel?  Jealous?  Overwhelmed?  Left out?  Ugly?  Angry?  Or excited?  Happy?  Supportive?  Loved?  

This button could be in addition to the reaction buttons we are already used to. The data captured would be a fantastic way for social networks to understand how their products (or certain content) really made users feel. And it would provide users themselves with opportunity for reflection, a chance to think more honestly about how social media is impacting their mental health.

Facebook or Instagram could implement this overnight. Minimal cost, minimal impact to their current business. Maximum change for the user.

Simple.  Easy.  No excuses.

It’s time to imagine a new future. 

It’s time to find our phone/life balance.