An alternative resolution for the New Year

Ask around, and you’ll find that New Year’s resolutions polarise people.  On one side you have the group that are determined to revolutionise their life with impressive fitness regimes, strict diets, work or financial targets.  On the otherside are those who know that most resolutions fail, that they might be a waste of time.

I sit somewhere in the middle.  I’m not a fan of the quick fix, but have always found that ‘putting a stake in the ground’ as my late father used to recommend, can have great impact when it comes to changing habits and crafting new ones. That’s why, this year, my husband and I set aside an evening to review the turbulence of the year gone by, to put in place some ‘stakes’ for the year ahead and to make sure that we were once again on the same page.  Some broad brush strokes to guide the year ahead.

But in reviewing the year, I noticed that one important habit that I used to have, has deserted me, and I want it back.  And so I’ve set myself the goal to put back in place this new (old) habit.

What is is?  Well, in years gone by, I had become quite a proficient napper.  I love love love a nap. Just a 30 minute dribble fest, ideally in the afternoon sun, often under a desk, likely after lunch.  I would wake recharged, restored, and ready for an afternoon of power - I never doubted that despite ‘time lost’ to sleep, napping improved my happiness and productivity ten fold.

“Take Rest; A field that has rested gives a bountiful crop”. Ovid

But in the past year or so, I’ve just lost it.  This is partly from having little kids who don’t understand my napping needs, but also because on the rare occasion I have gone to rest, my mind has been crowded with rushing to do lists, anxious thoughts and clutter.  Bringing back the nap is not just about carving out the time, it’s about finding the mental calm too.

So to bring back the nap, I need to find peace throughout my life.  That clarity of thought that comes from being able to clear and rest your mind.  Having the will power to choose a nap over 20 mins of scrolling. As well as physical exhaustion that knocks you out cold.  And practice of course - all great things require practice. So if you’re looking for me between 2 - 3pm most days, you might not find me.  I’ll be under my desk, getting my drool on.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Photo Credit @Lauren Kay