The Secrets we Keep - the loss of balance in our 24/7 world

As working parents running a start up we were so moved by this incredibly truthful and important message from Christine Armstrong. 

Having it all is an impossible task.  We are living in a world where unrealistic expectations lead to inevitable failure. 

We believe that being available and connected 24/7 doesn't help things.  How can we try to craft the balance we want between working and parenting, when we are reachable all the time?  Is it possible to ever really take a break?  It's like someone who is trying to quit sugar carrying around a kit kat all day, holding it in their hand, keep it in their pocket, putting it on the desk, or the kitchen work surface in plain view. 

There is no single answer.  But the honesty of this article goes a long way towards opening up the real complexities of today's working life.  For many of our users - particularly the Busy Bees - work life balance is so closely related to phone/life balance, and it's time for an open and frank conversation about the life we really want to live.

Photo credit @Kristina Flour