Are you a smartphone slave?

Feeling like you’re spending too much time on your phone? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. But look out for the following signs and you’ll know for sure.


Here are 5 ways to tell if you’re addicted to your phone:


1. First thing in the morning…

Getting your day off to a good start is critical to being alert and productive. Science shows the importance of taking your time in the morning. Maybe spend 10 minutes mentally sorting through your schedule, or set aside 20 minutes for stretching. Whatever you do, don’t let the first thing you set your mind to when you wake up be checking your phone. If it’s to check the time, fair enough, but if you’re waking up bleary eyed and the only thing you can think about is checking whose status has been updated, you’re relationship with your phone has gotten out of hand.


2. Where is it?!

We’ve all been through the vexing frustration of misplacing our phone. It’s particularly maddening if you’re late for work or need to send an important email while you’re commuting - but if you’re relying on your smartphone to prop up your professional life, you’re relying on it too much. A lost phone can be annoying, but if it feels like the end of the world - you have a telling warning sign.


3. Phantom buzzing.

It goes without saying that if you start hearing your phone buzz when it definitely isn’t, you’re probably using it too much. It’s an easy habit to fall into however as we’ve become so conditioned to associate that noise with something that needs our attention. But if you’re constantly listening out and worrying if there’s an update you’ve missed, then the list of concerns in your subconscious only grows larger, and you start feeling more anxious. Sort through your notifications, then put your phone down and focus on something else.


4. Out of battery again?

It can vary, but the average smartphone battery should be pushing 16 hours before it dies. Sound like too much? Then you’re using your phone excessively! If you’re running out of battery in under 6 hours it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror (if you can bear not to check your phone in that time, of course).


5. Last thing at night.

Mornings are critical, but you’re setting yourself up for disaster if you don’t get a good night's rest. If you’ve got any important calls to make or emails to send, get them out of the way a good half an hour before you plan to sleep. Studies have proven that smartphone scrolling immediately before you go to bed hurts your chances of drifting of quickly and peacefully. Meditating or reading are great alternatives.


So there you have it. Five simple signs you might be a smartphone slave. If any of these apply to you, it could be worth downloading the Space app. Or, if you want a more detailed analysis of your scrolling habits, how about a quiz or two? You can find ours here and you can head on over to Motorola’s website to take theirs and find out exactly what kind of phone user you are.