To Do Nothing is the Most Difficult Thing in the World

“To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world”, Oscar Wilde

If you are anything like us, then you have had a sprint finish to the end of this year.  Combine last minute work deadlines and the pressure to hit targets, with the growing demands of family life and festive preparations, and we’re all exhausted.  We’re getting tetchy. It’s time for a break.

I for one am ready for a long bath, a good book and a chance to take a breath.

And of course, the holiday time will be a great opportunity to reinstall some phone/life balance back into life, when my emails can be put to one side, guilt-free and checking company statistics can be overlooked for just a few days.  

I’m looking forward to time just with my kids, with my hubby, and with myself.  

Walking, lots of it I hope, and long, lazy meals.

I want the house to get messy.  I want to eat breakfast in my PJs and I want to watch read something exceptionally trashy.  

But most importantly, I want to do all of this without my phone in sight.  You see this year, of all years, I feel like something has really twigged. I know too much now.  I know how my attention is my greatest asset. I know about the power and importance of rest. And I know how happiness, contentment, and entertainment will only really come from the real world experiences that I need to nurture.  And I know that my phone only takes away from all of this.

So phone/life balance for me this holidays is about really switching off, perhaps not even turning the pesky thing on, and certainly not checking it every 10 mins.  After all, there is too much to do, or more importantly not to do.

And as for the New Year.  Any resolutions? I’m not one for setting lofty goals, but rather taking pragmatic steps.  We’re getting a landline installed. Back to the old school for us, so that people of importance can reach us if they need to, when we have weekends without interruptions (#bringbackthelandline).  I’m challenging myself to commute to meetings across London without my phone (queue phone-free walking and memory training) and I’m carving out 2 hours a day for deep work.

For many of you looking for more phone/life balance, we’re happy to announce that from January 1st SPACE will offer a brilliant 8 Days to Phone/Life Balance course within our app.  We don’t ask the world of our users, but provide the latest research and evidence, and some simple things to change each day so that you can get closer to phone/life balance.  

In 2019, we’ll also be kicking off some fascinating research with Bournemouth University’s Centre for Digital Addiction, as well as supporting the first ever global Digital Mindfulness Festival to be hosted in London in April.  

But most importantly, we’ll be continuing our quest to shout from the rooftops about the importance of a conscious relationship with technology, the power of daydreaming and of being bored.  

Thank you all for your support,

Team SPACE x