SPACE is back! An update on our discussions with Apple.

On 2nd November we were removed by Apple from the App store.  On the 6th November, I wrote a blog, stating what we believed to be the facts of the case, and our ongoing confusion as to why SPACE had been treated in this way.   

3 hours after publishing, a very friendly chap from Apple called to discuss the reasons for our removal.  It transpired that we can use location - based services, so long as there is a customer-facing feature which makes use of this approach.  Of course we have such a feature - a useful map which shows our iOS users where in the day they are using their devices.  We had argued this point consistently throughout the previous 3 weeks of back and forth with Apple, but maybe we were talking to the wrong people.  

Anyway, Apple have now deemed this a legitimate use of location-based services and we have been reinstated in the store.

Of course, we are relieved and happy, particularly for our users - many of whom have already contacted us in reaction to news of our removal.  

#saveSPACEApp brightened our hearts, so thank you.

We are more determined than ever to build a world class product which pushes forward an understanding of digital wellbeing and what it means to build a healthy relationship with technology.

And we remain eternally grateful to our industry friends who openly shared their stories with us  - giving me confidence to write the story, a story which, incidentally, I still believe. I am sorry that not all players are getting this same treatment - but remain hopeful that Apple is reassessing it’s approach to the digital wellbeing community.  With luck, many other players will receive the support they need to stay active in the store until a point in time when the Screen Time API is made available to all.

In the meantime it’s back to the mission for us - to help millions of people to find their phone / life balance.