How SPACE differs from Apple and Google’s Screen Time tools

Some devices now offer tools as standard to monitor Screen Time.  At SPACE, we have chosen to focus in on all the things that make us different - that phones themselves can’t offer - and which we believe will support our users to support

The thing is, our company exists with one core objective in mind - to help millions of people to find their phone/life balance.  As a Time Well Spent app, our goal is not to hold attention. Unlike Apple and Google our business model does not depend on this. We don’t have a conflict of interest when it comes to digital wellbeing.  We just want to experiment and evolve to support as many users in the best way possible.

We know that there is a lot more work that needs to happen with our product to help us to achieve this goal, but we also know we are heading strongly in the right direction.   

We can offer so much more than what your phone will provide as standard.  Why?

  1. We are installed intentionally by our users.  This may sound like a little thing, but the mere act of choosing to download SPACE hase positive impacts for our users.  If you are using software already installed (and hidden deep in the settings), you don’t have this same motivation to make the most of the product.  

  2. We’re cross platform.  This means that you can find SPACE with friends and family, and benchmark your progress against others across the Android and iOS operating platforms.  We’ll also shortly be extending this to chrome, so that our experience is truly platform agnostic. Our vision is for a solution that helps users to manage their complete digital presence.

  3. We recognise that our relationships with phones are personal.  That’s why we offer the quiz, to help you identify your own phone-user type, and so that we can tailor interruptions to suit your individual habits.  It’s why we encourage our users to set their own goals, and to think proactively about how their phone makes them feel. This personalisation can only be delivered by an independent app like SPACE.

  4. We can share anonymised data back with our users.  Benchmarking social norms is a technique commonly used to support behaviour change.  That’s why in our progress section you can compare usage with other SPACE users in your demo and with friends.

  5. We offer content to help educate our users.  Our daily top tips exist to provide inspiration, information and support for our users looking to understand phone addiction and looking to change their habits.  More of this to come. We also offer 1:1 counselling and retreats for users looking for more support.

We’re always open to product ideas for how we can do more.  Got any good ones? Then get in touch!

Photo credit @lamppidotco