Why Breakfree became SPACE and What has changed.


Whilst we had lots of happy users, we also had many others that found Breakfree confusing and inaccurate.  So we've taken the best parts of Breakfree, added some new features and repackaged them in a simpler, more beautiful user experience.  

Our goal was to end up with a product that was easy to use and that will help you to manage your phone usage, but which didn’t keep you on your phone a second longer than you needed to be.

So what’s changed?

We’ve made changes in four key areas:  


Our lives are already too cluttered, particularly our digital lives.  That’s why we’ve made sure that SPACE is designed to show you what you need to know, simply and easily, so that you can get off your phone and back to the real world.  

It’s also the reason why we’ve removed all advertising, and stripped back our notifications (making them less intrusive and more positive) to gently nudge positive behaviour change over time.  

What’s more, we’ve made a some of the features which were previously available for only pro customers, free.  So for example, you can now see how your usage breaks down by app, or set schedules to block notifications.   We’ve also added Pause, so that you can stop SPACE from recording your usage when you are doing specific activities. 

Collecting achievements:

We know that everyone uses their phone in different ways.  What’s unhealthy for one person may be OK for another.  It’s how your phone makes you feel that’s important.  As such, we’ve introduced a sign-up questionnaire which encourages people to consider their habits and then assigns them a persona.  We use this persona to (a) set goals for the user and (b) to structure our timely notifications.  People can also adjust their goals if they’d like to set their own targets i.e. using their phone less than an hour a day.  


It takes a while to change a habit, so SPACE is structured over a 60 day program.  Over the 60 days you can look back to see the progress you have made.  At the same time, you’re building a beautiful galaxy on the app home screen by collecting achievements each time you hit one of your goals.


Maybe you are sick of your colleagues being on their phone during meetings?  Or perhaps you’d like to set some new habits at home with your family?  We know that reciprocity increases the chance of us achieving our goals and changing behaviour. That’s why we’ve added in a feature where you can view the results of friends and encourage each other’s progress.  When you upgrade to SPACE Pro you can invite up to four other people to join your SPACE family.  

And what about Sato???  Well don’t worry, maybe one day Sato will also make an appearance in SPACE.